Find Your Qibla Direction Easily


If you want to find the Qibla direction with the help of the compass, follow the steps below.

1- The compass is a magnetic device and is therefore affected by all metal objects in its vicinity. The watch, mobile phone, metal accessories, tools, and any metal object that may affect the correct operation of the compass may deflect the compass needle. Make sure that there are objects that do not create a magnetic field near the compass. Complete the preparations for Qiblafinder.org by noting the degree of ‘‘Qibla angle for the compass’’ for your current city.

2- Hold the compass in your hand parallel and flat to the ground so that the compass needle can move freely. Or place the compass parallel to the floor on goods such as a table.

3- The red pointer of the compass always points to magnetic north. The result of this is that the direction of the red pointer is north and your back is south. The red needle pointing to the north of the compass needle should point to the north (N) in the compass housing. To do this, turn the red compass pointer until it coincides with the north (N) in the compass housing. When the compass needle N coincides, stop and go to the next step.

4- Find the Qibla angle (Qibla angle for the compass) of your city in the clockwise direction from the north(N) of the compass housing. Now you can perform your prayer in the direction of Qibla angle for the compass. For example, It is 71 degrees for New York (Qibla angle for the compass). Find 71 degrees from N (North) and pray in the direction indicated by Compass.

5- Depending on your location, the magnetic deviation may occur between true north (north of the map) and magnetic north (north on the compass). Use the Qibla angle degree if you want to find the direction of the Qibla with tools such as the map. If you want to determine the Qibla direction using the compass, use the Qibla angle for the compass. Qiblafinder.org the website gives all cities both the Qibla angle (relative to the True North) and the Qibla angle for the Compass.